Book Review: The Church of Facebook

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5 Responses

  1. Zack says:

    Sounds awesome!

    Ed Stetzer had a great post on his blog about whether an ‘online church’ can really exist.

    I wonder where these two guys agree and disagree.

    BTW, I looked at the link, and it looks like his last name is Rice, not Rose :0)

  2. Matt Clark says:

    Jesse Rose is a strapping young lad that attends SEBTS and has worked with the parking team at BCAM.

  3. I loved the audio book version. I want everyone in my friends list to listen to it, but apparently seven hours of audio is a little hard to commit to!
    Sure I thought it would give me a yes/no answer as to whether my Nay sayer friends are right about how BAD Facebook is! What I came to realise a lot of people either love or hate Facebook based on the fact that it can be used immorally.

    I think Facebook isn’t immoral – people are, so its up to us to use face book with a Christ centred mindset.

  1. April 24, 2017

    […] The Church of Facebook, Jesse Rice […]

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