Published: 9 years ago

O Holy Night: The Mystery Revealed

For the last eight or nine Christmases, the butchered version of “O Holy Night” has been an annual staple of my iTunes lineup. Ever since a friend tried to convince me it was a real audition tape for a local church choir, I’ve been trying to figure out if this guy was just a really bad singer, or a really good singer who was so good he could sound this bad.

But finally…yesterday Jason Gaston discovered this little YouTube gem, revealing the amazing Steve Mauldin as the original “O Holy Night” guy. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just trust me. Crank your speakers and prepare to be the most popular kid in Cubicleville.

If you have ten minutes, you can watch the director’s commentary…

But I still maintain that the original audio track (featured last year on this blog) is the best ever and can never truly be duplicated.

Steve Mauldin, if you’re out there, thanks for making me shoot egg nog out of my nose every single Christmas. I’m proud – and definitely not surprised – that we share the same home state.

  1. amanda sublett says:

    I have no words…. blood, pain, and open wounds…. but no words

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