Published: 9 years ago

Sermon After Party

On Sunday I preached to my favorite people in the world – the folks at the Summit’s Brier Creek Campus. I displayed my awesome math skills (“$544,000 is dangerously close to well over a half million dollars”) and explained the history of Greek-speaking Christians (“Hellenists descended from a Greek great-grandma named Helen”).

Now you know why I don’t preach that often.

But the serious part of the message is that we’re a church that’s been graciously marked by the grace of God. We know what that looks like in the corporate church (racial diversity, doctrinal integrity, community identity, and radical generosity), but what does it look like in our individual lives? If you’re looking for a place to hang some action on your fancy Bible learnin’, here’s where I’d suggest you begin…

  • Get in a group. We’re launching 30 new small groups by the end of the month here at our Brier Creek Campus. Attend GroupLink on January 30th.
  • Join a ministry team. On January 22nd we’re hosting Frontline, a place for you to connect to our Production, First Impressions, Worship, or Summit Kids teams. Our campus is expanding, and there are plenty of places for you to serve!
  • Read the Bible. If you want to have doctrinal integrity, you need to know what God’s word says. I’m slowing down my normal Bible reading plan and taking all of 2011 to read / meditate / savor the New Testament (that’s about 20 verses per day). You can download the plan I’m using here. (I’m sorry I can’t remember where I found it, or I’d give the guy some credit.)
  • Climb the mountain.Matthew 5:1 is a good reminder that there’s a difference between a crowd that are seeking “Warm and Fuzzy Jesus” and a crowd that wants to know Jesus. If you’re ready to break away from the crowd, check out our Starting Point event.

Looking for the sermon / can’t sleep? Find it here.

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