Building Cool Points at Church

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  1. wow I laughed so loud when I read this!! well done. these last two posts are getting you well on your way to making up for the severe lack in posts lately. Not that I’m grumbling or anything. I know, you’re busy!

    Sadly, i did not do very well with the points so now if you don’t think i’m cool, its OK.

  2. Jon Thommarson says:

    Should I contact Jon Acuff and tell him you have a guest post for his blog?

    Hilarious by the way!

    I’ll take you to Texas Roadhouse if you want….=)

  3. Morgan Pope says:

    My favorite line: “But you’re a Duke fan. -6 points.”

    I’ll make sure to not forward you any emails about my cat wearing sunglasses (but that would be a cute picture!).

  4. Bobby Farr says:

    You have convinced me, I am switching campuses and inviting my in-laws, small group, and my circle of friends. I don’t forward emails and I don’t have a cat. What is my point total????

  5. Bobby Farr says:

    No cool points for personal shots, Foul

  6. Lee Beck says:

    I’m wearing a t-shirt under my sweater today that says “I Love My Church.” Danny’s posts and the friendly banter is one reason why I really do. This blog post is almost a year old but it’s still funny.

    If it gets above 80 tday, I may even take off the sweater.

  1. June 30, 2017

    […] Want more? Check out one of my favorite posts from this time last year (but don’t get confused, some of that info is dated). Building Cool Points at Church. […]

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