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  1. terence says:

    I am almost embarrassed to ask this, but…

    Is it bad that I get angry when I see church groups begging for money on the street alongside the homeless?

    I just wanna roll down my window and shout “are you tithing?!?!”

    Lord save me from my judgmental, resentful heart. whew… 🙂

  2. Cliff says:

    Umm…I just kicked off a new format on my blog this week and have Tuesdays as my topical day, too. It’s a bit different than what you’ve got going on here, but the name is the same. You had the name first, but can we share?

  3. Phil says:

    How about church governance? Is congregational rule legit at Summit? Do the staff/Elders run everything? Should we even care? What’s the role/responsibility of Joe-pew-sitter?

  4. Anonymous says:

    David and Solomon both had hundreds of wives and concubines. The OT seems to simply state this as a matter of fact rather than a sin while in the NT marriage is clearly between one man and one woman for life. Bad always seems to come of poligamy in the OT so why is it not more storngly opposed in the Old Testament scriptures?

  5. Kiani says:

    We talk about all sorts of things that we commonly use to replace God in our lives: love, sex, money, stuff. We also talk about good stewardship–wise use and care of the resources that God gives us. Why don’t we ever take the this step further and talk about proper stewardship of our bodies and our health? Food is a God thing to a lot of people. Vanity is as well. God’s provided us with perfect and capable bodies, and so many squander that gift. Why won’t the church address this? Should it? Should professional athletes be the only ones to praise God for the ability to move? Or, is this one of those risky topics that will hurt too many feelings? Is JD’s ever-present ice cream vs green beans analogy only valid if we’re not actually talking about ice cream vs green beans?

  6. Lauren Dyson says:

    Terence – I think the same thing too. You’re not alone! It’s so weird that they take the spot of a homeless person to ask for money.

  7. Todd says:

    How/when was the decision reached to not have some kind of Sunday School program?Obviously, the emphasis is on small groups, so most of that setting could likely replace a more traditional SS setup. I was curious, since I’ve never heard anyone address it.

  8. Lauren Dyson says:

    I like Kiani’s idea too

  9. Kyle says:

    Where was Jesus’ soul between the time of his death and his resurrection? What was going on during that period of time?

    If God didn’t create sin, where did sin come from? And if Satan was cast away from heaven, then wouldn’t heaven be the first place that sin occurred instead of the Garden of Eden?

  10. Laura Hendricks says:

    How does the Summit feel about Wider Mercy Doctrine and what is their position on it? I ask because there have been big names in the evangelical world who believed in this, and I found it a little shocking.

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