Creative Structure

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  1. Mike Gifford says:

    Majority of my good content comes from my mornings of quite times and when I just sit down and write. When I am done writing, I write some more.

    Speaking of Leadership qualities, what do you make of Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

  2. Clayton Greene says:

    My friend and soon to be SCAD masters graduate has talked about this before. He is a graphic designer. He went to see a seminar by Rob Bell (clearly an artist in his speaking) where he talked about being inspired by the world around us. Signs, billboards, comments, conversations, the wind, you know whatever blows your way.

    I like it. I would say it is being conscious of your surroundings and then pondering those things in light of your world view. It provides for great things like (shameless plug)

  3. Marc says:

    Good post! This reminds me of something from one of my favorite books, Made to Stick, where they talk about how all the best advertisements are made using just a handful of templates. The basic idea is that we are more creative when we have a structure to follow then if we just randomly try to come up with ideas on our own.

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