Keller? Stellar.

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  1. Anisa says:

    Danny, you make me laugh out loud…”what do I look like? FedEx?”. I’ll be there Wednesday night, can’t wait.

  2. Danny says:

    Ladies and gents…we have a winner! After 22 entries, three judges, and a two way tie, the runoff winner is @deltabirds. Ashley mixed funny with cute and cranked things up a notch with a picture of her kid.

    Ashley’s winning tweet: “need tix to understand what my kid is talking about.

    Honorable mention (but no tickets) goes to the following peeps:

    -@loganmeier: “I really wanted the tickets, but I know am going to hear everything he says in @jdgreear next sermon, so no big deal.”

    -@andersonshore: “i want to hear tim keller LIVE instead of through @jdgreear also ready to show the public my new pastel shirt influenced by @LetMeBeFranks”

    -@rmattboyd: for pure persistence

    -@fakemattpearson: who definitely couldn’t win because (a) he’s fake and (b) he’s a parody of one of our judges, but the cannibal joke was darn funny.

    Special thanks to our judges @jasongaston, @jeremypollard, & @mkpearson. And to our runoff judge @lauraghendricks…thanks for making the final call and breaking the hearts of our runner ups.

    Ashley: DM me for details about your tickets!

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