Published: 8 years ago

Keller? Stellar.

Here in Ye Olde Triangle area, we’re hosting the gospel gangsta known as Tim Keller. He’s coming in this week for Advance ’11, and local theologians are so giddy they almost dropped their ESV Study Bibles.

So here’s what’s up: I have two tickets in my possession that I’m giving away. That’s right, peoples: a blog giveaway. (It’s about time you got something worthwhile out of this thing.)

Keep in mind, the tickets are for An Evening With Tim Keller (sponsored by Durham Cares), not the entire Advance conference. (What, you think I’m made of free tickets?)

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • This is not an academic competition: I don’t want to know how many of Keller’s books you’ve read. It’s not a theological competition: I don’t want you to tell me how you need to have a better gospel worldview. And it’s not a suck-up competition: I don’t want you to tell me that when my other six hairs fall out I’ll look as distinguished as Keller.
  • Nope, this contest is all about the funny: I want you to make me laugh.
  • Using your Twitter account, give me your funniest reason why you should get the tickets. Somewhere in your tweet, mention my Twitter handle (@LetMeBeFranks) so I’ll be sure and see it.
  • Don’t have Twitter? That’ll knock off some points, but you can put your 140 characters below. Bottom line: Twitter users get priority, so sign up.
  • Limits? There are no limits here. Give it a whirl as many times as you want…the more the merrier.
  • The comments will be judged by an independent panel consisting of Summit staffers @jasongaston, @jeremypollard, and special out of town judge @mkpearson.
  • The fine print: contest starts now (10:00 AM) and runs through 10:00 PM tonight; the winner will be announced by 9 AM tomorrow in the comments section below; you’ll need to come to the Summit offices to pick up the tickets. (What do I look like? FedEx?)
  • Immediate family members of Danny Franks, any relatives living or deceased, and especially 3rd grade teachers are ineligible to win (I’m talking to you, Mrs. Rogers).

  1. Anisa says:

    Danny, you make me laugh out loud…”what do I look like? FedEx?”. I’ll be there Wednesday night, can’t wait.

  2. Danny says:

    Ladies and gents…we have a winner! After 22 entries, three judges, and a two way tie, the runoff winner is @deltabirds. Ashley mixed funny with cute and cranked things up a notch with a picture of her kid.

    Ashley’s winning tweet: “need tix to understand what my kid is talking about.

    Honorable mention (but no tickets) goes to the following peeps:

    -@loganmeier: “I really wanted the tickets, but I know am going to hear everything he says in @jdgreear next sermon, so no big deal.”

    -@andersonshore: “i want to hear tim keller LIVE instead of through @jdgreear also ready to show the public my new pastel shirt influenced by @LetMeBeFranks”

    -@rmattboyd: for pure persistence

    -@fakemattpearson: who definitely couldn’t win because (a) he’s fake and (b) he’s a parody of one of our judges, but the cannibal joke was darn funny.

    Special thanks to our judges @jasongaston, @jeremypollard, & @mkpearson. And to our runoff judge @lauraghendricks…thanks for making the final call and breaking the hearts of our runner ups.

    Ashley: DM me for details about your tickets!

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