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  1. amanda sublett says:

    as a kid – LOVED children’s church… looked at it as a place where I could escape the burning eyes in the back of my head from my father who was trying to STARE me into good behavior…

    as an adult – HATED children’s church… well, actually like it when my kids went without me… but hated having to try to avoid the co-ordinator and felt horrible about all of the terrible sicknesses that I came down with in order to avoid sharing them with all of the children!

  2. xjm716 says:

    Awesome post. I gave a message on this topic a few weeks ago from our pulpit. All 27-ish minutes of it are right here: http://www.box.net/shared/39xqnkpp5thhk1xi8lhk

  3. Phil says:

    “whine for the grape juice ” ..ba-dump-bump….

  1. July 4, 2016

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