Walkin’ After Midnight

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  1. Connie Pearson says:

    Chaperoning Lock-Ins at the church came quickly to my mind — one of Satan’s greatest tools, in my humble, accurate opinion.

    With our firstborn, I sang through the hymnbook as I rocked her each night. By age 18 months, she could sing along with me, so I’d get to “Amazing Grace” on page 188, put her in the bed and she’d sing herself to sleep the rest of the way.
    With the middle-born, he was hyperactive with constant ear infections, so rocking was never going to be effective.
    With the last-born, who knows? No one ever had time to rock that child.

    I think I earned my “parenting card” when they were all teenagers while waiting up until curfew so I could give them “The Hug Test” (bound to quickly detect any hint of tobacco, strange cologne or, heaven forbid, alcohol). Who in the world thought up the After-the-Prom-Breakfast event anyway? In spite of the loss of sleep, I did learn along the way that some of my best conversations with my children happened in the middle-of-the-night. They usually wanted a snack, their heads were full of stories, and their pajama-clad Momma liked to listen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, don’t feel badly. We learned the hard way too. Next time, put some socks on her feet and have her dust the floors or the furniture or the walls or probably all 3 of them.

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