Boom! Roasted.

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  1. Josh D. says:

    I’d like a “Gospel” Snuggie.

  2. mary ann maney says:

    I want one of those Gospel fanny packs–you can never have too many fanny packs. Sometimes I wear 3 at a time–being a nana, you have to carry emergency everything! how much are they? Is it possible to get one sent in the mail to Seattle?

    Geez, how I miss the camaraderie of the Summit Saints–saints for putting up with J.D.

    love to you all,
    Mary Ann Maney

  3. p says:

    ouch…that’s worse than having your facebook hacked : )

  4. Anonymous says:

    skinny jeans, ankle length panties, same thing.

  1. May 1, 2015

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