Published: 6 years ago

Thursday Three For All

It’s easy-peasy day around the blog, where I put up cool links and you click ’em.

Hey, I’m just here to serve.

The One Minute Change That Will Transform Your CompanyOr your church. It’s about people, people.

“We should never walk past [people who are] looking at a map or if they visibly look lost. I tell my staff that [this is an] opportunity to step up and see how you can help them. If I do see that you walked past them, because you have other things on your mind, we need to have a conversation and think about whether or not you should still work here.”

Nine Ways to Say “Thanks” to Your TeamI repeat: it’s about people, people.

Introverts on your team will never ask for it, and they might squirm a little when it happens, but everyone, everywhere appreciates public recognition. A thank you from the pastor, a note in the bulletin, balloons and a sign in the lobby – get creative in how you can say a general (or specific) thanks to your team.

At LastReal grooms see real brides for the first time on their wedding day. I’ll admit: I’m always a sucker for this stuff. Maybe because the groom is usually blocking my view of who everybody else is looking at.


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