Dancing with the Elephant: Debrief the Event

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  1. Chris says:

    Love the “debrief the event” Danny! The email idea post-event is a great catch. Depending on time, logistics, and plain convenience from folks being beaten, er . . . inspired to death serving, I try to grab key leaders for a quick in-person debrief. Maybe I watch way too much CSI or police dramas, but if those guys are big about debriefing victims, er I mean volunteers at the scene while it is fresh, then so should we.

    It’s not a big “find a cure” type meeting, but I grab the key stakeholders, go off in a corner and have pad/pen ready. The questions are simple, “Ok guys, real quick: what did you like? what didn’t you like? and what would you wish for next time?” and let ‘er rip. When it’s fresh, the hits/misses come at a rapid clip and that’s the stuff future legends are made of! Love your email idea for the folks that might not be a part of the aforementioned meeting or those that simply already went home.

    Last is the warm n fuzzy. Yes, call it being in touch with your “inner most child” but the way I reckon, if folks are serving as volunteers for a huge creative element (church-anese for volunteering for a part in the visual worship experience) then that can be a big undertaking.

    We had folks practicing for days, before the the holiday weekend experience, so after it was done, it was about honoring. We had photographers taking pictures anyway, so we simply had some extra prints made for each of the volunteers that served that part of the service and tossed ’em in a thank you card with church logo, and simply thanked them for playing a part of bringing folks to Jesus.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then heck a picture is worth a thousand thank you’s. Yep, call it being a little foo-foo sensitive, but it’s all about honoring baby!

  2. Chris says:

    Welcome Danny! I get so much from your blog both in pure holding my belly laughing (with you, not at you of course) and professionally, so felt it was time to contribute to your discussion out there. If your ever in Charlotte, crash at our place!

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