Raise Ebenezer? Check.

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  1. Jaime Z says:

    Love this, Danny. Remembering is one of the best things we can do. It can lead us to heartfelt worship as we recall that God’s love endures forever.

    I have a few Ebenezer’s…
    – Upper Turner Campus Center at Azusa Pacific University. It was September 1991 and I was 4 weeks into my freshman year at APU when I heard a guy named Miles McPherson (heard of him?) speak in Chapel. As he talked about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego I was stirred by his message. At the end he invited people to surrender their lives to Jesus, and I did.

    – A little house in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. It was December 1999 and I was leading a team of college students on an outreach to Brazil. As the team was sitting inside a little house on top of a hill in a favela (slum) overlooking Rio, I remember God’s Spirit whispering to me that one day I would serve with the same organization that we were volunteering with (YWAM). I thought, ‘heck no! I am in graduate school at UCLA, I am not going to be a missionary! Not me, Lord!” Three years later, I would be in Buenos Aires, Argentina, serving with YWAM.

    I have a lot more, but I will stop there.

    Thanks for the reminder to remember!


  2. Marc says:


    The Ebenezer’s are not only for younger years. I experienced Church camp for the first time, also at Ridgecrest, when in my mid 40’s. I went for four or five summers with the youth group of the church I was involved with at that time. I loved it, and it seemed in that environment even an adult could separate from the world outside and sink in totally to the camp experience.

    And as for the greatest of these, Mission Fuge in Charleston SC. You know, the land that you can perspire in the shower it is so hot. Working with young folks in housing projects, I think it is referred to in SBC circles as a “backyard Bible club”. Truly an experience that will change your perspective of the world around you.

    Thanks for reviving some memories that were napping.


  3. Brenda Pergerson says:

    Hi Danny,
    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of our Ebenezers. When our previous pastor Mike Green was at Cresset he preached on that importance and how important it was to remember God’s work in our lives. You brought back some of my Ebenezers at Ridgecrest. The dorm picture brought back sweet memories of a picture that was taken of a few of us at one of the wonderful prayer convferences we were there to attend. What a great teaching, growing and life changing event we had in wonderful prayer times on our knees before God. I love the memories of the sweet times at Ridgecrest.
    Brenda P

  4. Byron Hill says:

    Very cool to read the stories of how God used Ridgecrest to impact your lives. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to each of you returning to Ridgecrest soon.

    PS – Danny, how did your staff retreat go?

    Byron Hill
    Executive Director, Ridgecrest Conference Center & Camps

    • Danny says:

      Byron, thanks!

      The retreat was fantastic. We appreciate your hospitality and the accommodations! If Clouds Coffee Shop had been at RCC when I was in 8th grade, I could’ve added another Ebenezer moment! 🙂

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