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  1. robin allen says:

    What’s really amazing is that from the faces that i can see, they’re smiling. you must be serving donuts or something! Robin

    • Danny says:

      Robin, we were all laughing at one of our vols. I think at that precise moment she was explaining the difference between South Africa (where she was born & raised) and southwest Georgia – a conversation I know you’d appreciate!

  2. Julia F. says:

    Wowza! Look at that stack of books! I’d love to know which ones they are. And how do you define “High Capacity” volunteer? Are these invited team leaders or are they are some higher level at Summit? I have 16 team leaders that I guess are my “cohorts”. But that level of commitment just isn’t there.

    • Danny says:

      Julia, I’m glad to share that list! Over the next nine months we’ll be hitting the following:

      -First Impressions, by our buddy Mark Waltz
      -Be Our Guest, Kinni
      -The One Minute Manager, Blanchard
      -The Starbucks Experience, Michelli
      -Fusion, Searcy
      -How to Wow, Waltz
      -Volunteer Revolution, Hybels
      -Connect, Searcy

      The HCVs who make up the cohort were selected and invited by the FI Director and/or Associate Campus Pastor at each campus. While I think all of them would have loved to invite more than 1-2 (depending on size of campus), we deliberately limited it to a smaller group to keep conversations intimate (well, relatively intimate).

      They serve in different roles, not just as team leaders. The qualification I placed on the campus leadership was that this would be a person they could easily see spreading vision far and wide on their campus. Next year, we hope to start all over with a brand new batch of HCVs.

      And don’t lose heart on the commitment level. This certainly didn’t happen overnight. I’d encourage you to start where you are. If it’s just 3-4, begin there and work your way outward. I’m beyond excited about the results from this morning. I think this is going to have benefits far beyond what we’ve dreamed.

  1. January 23, 2020

    […] Over the years I’ve told you that the Cohort has been one of the best investments of my central team’s time. It’s an opportunity to learn from some of the Summit’s best leaders and put them in a room where their ideas spark more ideas. Some of you have asked for a play-by-play of how we prep. That, my friends, is what we’re talking about today. […]

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