Published: 4 years ago

Traffic Stops & Big Hearted Cops

This is normally the type of fodder I’d save for Thursday Three For All, but this is too good not to share r’at now.

The Lowell, Michigan police department decided to throw a wrench into their typical traffic stops. Rather than hearing sob stories and handing out tickets, they collected Christmas lists and handed out gifts.


The results were…well, you’ll just have to watch to find out:


I love this for so many reasons. With all of the terrible headlines we’re facing these days, it’s nice to see some good news. Especially good news about our men and women who protect us every day. And especially the kind that highlights the kindness that’s true of the vast majority of them.

I love it because an organization took the time to ask the question, “How can we serve people? And how can we serve them where they are?” Was this a logistical challenge? Sure. But it was a huge moment that I’m sure will have the good citizens of Lowell buzzing for weeks to come. And the recipients of those gifts? They’ll never forget it.

My friend Mark Waltz has been saying for years that all “wow moments” start by asking the question “What if…?” “What if we could make a difference in their day?” “What if people could enjoy their experience with us?” “What if we didn’t make this ‘business as usual’?”

Now, a necessary caveat: if you’re in church world, your wow moments should be pointing people towards the eternality of the gospel and the present grace of Jesus. But on that journey, how can you arrest people’s attention (pardon the pun) and reset their expectations?

Maybe you don’t have the budget to hand out flat screens or scooters (few do, and I’m not endorsing that as an outreach method). But asking the “What if…?” question can launch a thousand cheap to free ideas that could help you connect with someone who wonders if you really care.

How can you fill in the “What if…?” this weekend?


(video via Tastefully Offensive)

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