Published: 4 years ago

Christmas at DPAC, Day One


It was a declaration given by the angels, a command obeyed by the shepherds, and a lifestyle observed by Mary and Joseph.

Behold is what we did on Tuesday night, as we realized that the message of the gospel isn’t about what we do, but about who he is: the baby in a manger, the man on the cross, the risen king, the only one worthy of our praise.



Here are just a few scenes from in and around the Durham Performing Arts Center yesterday. Didn’t make it? Don’t have tickets? Show up at the box office an hour before any of today’s services (10:00, 1:00, 4:00) and Uncle Danny’ll almost (almost!) guarantee you we can get you in.

(all photos courtesy of Brett Seay)

  1. Ken Huth says:

    Thanks everyone for Christmas @ DPAC! Awesome, awesome, national-class job representing the Summit & God through your gifts. Huge kudos to the techs and creative team— I saw some sweet stuff they pulled off.
    The big takeaway I told my wife (this was our first year, we’re new in the Triangle), is that any seeker would not just be rocked by how un-churchy it was— but more important (maybe) than the words was the vibe that everyone there just seemed like people with *joy* in their lives and that you’d enjoy hanging out with them and learning more about that joy. Enjoy your Christmas all!

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