Lousy Announcements Lead to Lousy Events

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  1. Mr. ILM says:

    Hey Danny and David,

    We this plumbline for events…

    “Don’t announce, recruit.” We have noticed half of the people who come are the people we ask to come personally. It can be as easy as a text, a call, a personal email or an in person conversation.

    Most of the year we have the next big event on the radar and I work that event into the right conversations. “are you coming to the men’s retreat?” becomes almost a friendly salutation for me 2 weeks before the event.

    Which reminds me,
    Are you coming to the men’s retreat?

    • Danny says:

      I would’ve expected no less from you, Clayton. “Don’t announce, recruit,” is gold.

      Will the men’s retreat include Britt’s Donuts?

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