Top Reads of 2016

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  1. Bob Adams says:

    Having survived the 2016 election, and in an attempt at understanding more about this mosaic of a country we live in, I submit the following, guaranteed to lead you down a rabbit hole of history:
    – American Nations, by Colin Woodard
    – Albion’s Seed, David Hackett Fischer
    – The Nine Nations of North America, Joel Garreau
    None of them are new (the most recent was published in 2011) and you probably (and hopefully) won’t agree with everything, but these three authors’ work will definitely have you saying “So that’s why (insert political event) happened.”

  2. Ryan Waltner says:

    One of the books I read through was “Lay it Down: Living in the Freedom of the Gospel” by Bill Tell. I especially wrestled with and appreciated chapter 4 – “Freedom from Performing for Love and Relationship.” Having been brought up in a church that stressed works and performance, I still find myself struggling to grasp grace at times.

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