Published: 2 years ago

“It’s Only One Sunday…”

“I’m just going to hit the snooze button one more time. I’m punctual most other weeks. It’s only one Sunday.”

“It’s not a big deal for me to skip out of serving. I show up more than most people. It’s only one Sunday.”

“I’m not really feeling ‘people’ today. I think I’m just going to lay low and keep to myself. It’s only one Sunday.”

“We don’t really need to put out all of the supplies, right? This is an off weekend. Is it that much trouble to skip it this one Sunday?”

“Yeah, I know we’re a little low on volunteers. A few people had to call out at the last minute. We’ll get it right next week. It’s just this one Sunday.”

“I know this isn’t really up to the usual standards, but we got busy with other things and … well … it’s just one Sunday, after all.”


Here’s the problem with the “one Sunday” mentality: it’s not that you don’t deserve a break. It’s not that you must be expected to fire on all cylinders 110% of the time. It’s not even that the standard must be absolute perfection, with no deviation from total quality.

No, the problem with “it’s only one Sunday” thinking is that it’s only one Sunday for you. For someone else, it’s their first Sunday. It’s the first shot they’re giving your church (maybe any church). Their initial experience is the one that is going to stick, the one that is going to impact them, the one that may determine whether or not they’ll ever return.

It’s not just “one Sunday.”

It’s the Sunday.

Make it count.


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