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Top Ten Quotes: Not God Enough

It’s weird to have a pastor who is also an author.

Take, for example, my pastor, J.D. Greear. He has written five books, and every time another one comes out, I read it (because I want to keep my job). And every time I read it, it’s as though I can hear his voice narrating in my head (I also hear that voice when I am surfing Facebook on the clock).

That said, Not God Enough is Pastor J.D.’s latest work, and the voice in my head was filled with great insight. (Plus, there’s a hole drilled right into the front of it. It’s like the pre-ripped jeans of the publishing industry.)

Here are my top ten favorite quotes:

  • True worship is intimacy grounded in awe. Awe…stands silent before the awesomeness of God’s majesty.
  • Doubt in the Christian life is not only normal; it is divinely orchestrated. At least the questions that lead to doubt are.
  • It was God’s goodness that would kill [Moses]. We don’t usually think of goodness as dangerous or frightening. What kind of goodness is so good that merely seeing it kills you?
  • We don’t need more information. We need to behold the living God, whose greatness is so great that it makes our minds explode when we try to comprehend him and whose goodness is so good we can’t tell if we want to draw closer or run away.
  • God’s gracious work in us begins, as it did with Isaiah and Paul, by leading us to despair.
  • [In Exodus] the narrator makes clear that with the golden calf Israel was not worshiping a new god but the true God in the wrong way…For the Israelites, this golden image became the one true God “as-we-would-like-him-to-be.”
  • Many people turn to religion to avoid the hard questions about God. What religion seeks is a small god who can be placated with ritual and plugged into the margins of our lives.
  • Until God opens our eyes to see his glory, all the changes we try to make in our lives will be short-lived.
  • Dutiful, begrudging obedience is as distateful to God as it is to us.
  • In the Christian life, the fire to do comes from one place: being soaked in the fuel of what has been done.


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