Published: 4 months ago

Give That First Timer A Confidence Boost

A couple of days ago I experienced a miraculous moment. Not necessarily in the spiritual / supernatural sense, though one might say it was close.

I had the supreme pleasure of eating at a world-renowned barbecue joint for the first time. It’s a place where you are presented with a massive grill full of meat options, and you basically grunt and point.

The experience for a first-timer can be overwhelming, because (a) there is meat upon meat upon meat, and (b) it’s not super-clear how to navigate the new land in front of you.

Thankfully, the folks at the BBQ joint thought through it on my behalf. As our group entered, we saw a sign that displayed a “First Timers Guide.” Five steps were listed, all designed to help me have a little more confidence in the experience I was about to have:

Now let me ask a question: if a barbecue joint can do that to help their guests, why can’t our churches do the same? Why can’t we think through the experience, help them navigate potential hurdles, assist them in avoiding the awkwardness, and give them a boost of confidence? Those were my protein-fueled observations just before I got the meat sweats.

Something to pray about.


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