Notes from a First-Time Pops

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  1. Well, that just made my morning. She is perfect! Congratulations, Pops!

  2. Vivian Penuel says:

    Brother, I feel ya’! CONGRATS! I’ve heard it said, “There’s a reason they call them ‘grand.'” We got our first one two years ago and are awaiting the phone call literally any second for Grand #2. I’m giddy! And, friend, there is SO much joy still to come!!! The first time our little Shepherd looked up at me walking through their front door in Memphis and said, “Birdie,” I was a PUDDLE! I was like, “What does. your little heart desire, Shepherd? A pony? Birdie will buy you a pony! Whatever it is, I’ll get you!” I’m all his, and I’m all in! What a sweet ride, indeed–celebrating with you! And I hope I get the chance to see you again sometime soon–and then you feel totally free to show me every photo of Skylar Beth, because it’s a grandparent’s right:) Then you’ll have to see mine!

  3. You’re a goner. There’s no turning back now. What a ride you are in for! Hugs to you, Merriem and the whole clan.

  4. Beverly Bonner says:

    Mimi and Pops—I love this—captured it well. Welcome to the crazy world of grandparenting. I am so excited for you two. Nothing like it.

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