How Young is Too Young to Serve in Guest Services?

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  1. Andi L says:

    Love this! I’m such a fan of encouraging our children to serve at a “reasonable age” because they are the future of the Church. I want our guests to witness the Gospel on mission in this manner as we raise up future leaders. But the question always is “What is reasonable?” You’ve brought all the debate topics up in this article and it will serve as such a great resource for my GE coordinators when they are approached by a youth or a parent. Thanks again for a great article topic, Danny!

  2. Terri Durham says:

    These are spot on. All ministry buckets should reflect the community around your church. If kids live near your church, that should be reflected in ministries like guest services. I’m all for including them in aspects of worship to (they often know more about audio/visual stuff these days) as you said, with guardrails. Same for ethnicities, special needs, different generations, socio-economic considerations etc. You attract who you look like. Good stuff, Danny!

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