Published: 12 months ago

Flashback Friday: Are You Ready When They’re Ready?

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. If you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!


I’ve stumbled into several conversations over the past few weeks that have forced me to focus on one primary question:

Do we greet guests the way they want to be greeted?

The question started bouncing around in my mind during a meeting with our campus First Impressions directors, most of whom are younger than me (heck, most of them are younger than my socks). We were reviewing our onboarding process for our first time guests (which includes a tent that stands obnoxiously in the way of all of our main entrances), and one of them said, “Well you know, Millennials avoid our tents like the plague.”

I’ll admit that I’m not exactly a native of the Millennial generation. I’m part of Generation X, which means that we yell at the Millennials to get off our lawns. But the statement struck me to the point that – weeks later – I’m still processing it. According to our staff in that meeting, a tent doesn’t scream “welcome” to a Millennial. Many of them see it as a cover, a way to bait and switch them to get information and put them on a mailing list. And while I don’t have an answer quite yet on how we target a Millennial welcome, I think I know what we’re not ready to do.


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