Perhaps You Didn’t Hear Me…

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2 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    So, I couldn’t really think of a bad job but I did want to tell you that you just fell a few notches in my book by speaking unkindly about cats-of which I have 2-one is sitting here watching me type and He-Jasper-said “poo on you”. I’ll give you the other version when I see you in person.
    As for the contest thing, I can think of things that have happened that were bad but my job overall is pretty good. Like the time a kid pooped in his pants and little hard balls fell out of his pants legs. (He ended up in the hospital with blocked bowels-poor kid.) When the other kids, all 5th graders, saw it they thought a dog had been in the gym. So you know who had to clean it up-ME. Also, I have had several students throw up at my feet and I know some of you say, “oh, that’s not so bad, my kids do that all the time”. Well, these aren’t MY kids. They are my students. One day I had 4 throw up within 5 minutes. One was really sick and the other 3 did because they were watching the sick one. And then there’s the pee-pee on the floor…on the clothes…in the shoes. Of course all of this causes me to have to stop class and clean it up or call the custodian because I don’t want the P.E. equipment to go splashing into the puddles of whatever.
    Okay, I’ll stop here but I could write a book. Have fun with the contest.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I can’t say I’ve had a horrible job but I’ve had some pretty interesting job experiences. I used to work for a veternarian office/kennel. On my first day on the job I saw somebody bring their hamster in and had it put to sleep. I remember thinking that was a waste. Then later in the day a standard size poodle somehow flipped it’s stomach. To flip it back, the veternarian stuck a clear tube down its throat and sucked, with his mouth, the air out of it’s stomach until all the contents came out. The dog’s stomach flipped back.

    Am I selling my personal stories to you for your autobiography kind of like Kramer selling his stories to Peterman?

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