Published: 9 years ago

Don’t Point…Take!

It’s not polite to point.

That’s what your mama always told you, and she was right. Pointing is for duck-hunting dogs, not for people who are trying to get a guest where they’re going.

When you point, you’re communicating your disinterest. “I care just enough about you to give you a general idea of where you’re going, but not enough to take you there.”

Pointing breeds confusion. It might be crystal clear in your mind that the guest needs to go down the hall through the double doors hang a left then the first right then turn around three times at the water fountain and look for a guy with an argyle sweater…but to them, you lost them after “down the hall.”

So never, ever point. Care enough about your guests to take ’em where they’re going. Strike up a conversation along the way. Build a relationship by authentically serving.

That’s the real point.


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