Cruise Ship or Battleship?

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  1. Dad says:

    Very timely post for me, Danny. I’m struggling with that balance with some folks at our church.

  2. Terry Ross says:

    I love the contrast between a cruise ship and a battleship. Maybe a better analogy would be an aircraft carrier. We are after all soldiers deployed in the fight. An aircraft carrier is like a floating city with many people on board moving in one direction to accomplish the mission and vision of the captain. We can launch a strike into enemy territory on many fronts. We can send in airplanes to drop bombs, helicopters to deliver troops and supplies, and deploy the elite ground troops to fight the battle on the ground. The local church should be more like an aircraft carrier than a battleship. Just a thought.

    • Danny says:

      Terry, that’s a great point, and it’s one that my pastor actually unpacks in his book that just released this week. When the original post was written several years ago, I hadn’t considered the aircraft carrier analogy. In fact, I almost decided against pointing back to the original post because of that new insight. Looks like my laziness won out. 🙂

      • Justin says:

        Hey! What was the name of the book with the air craft carrier analogy?

        • Danny says:


          I’m sure that’s probably in a book somewhere, but I actually heard that in one of our pastor’s sermons 5-6 years ago.

          I hope you’re staying safe in the midst of the storm! Praying for you and your church as you respond and care for your city in the wake of Irma.

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