Published: 6 years ago

Flashback Friday: Your Preferences May Be The Problem

I’m a man with exquisite tastes. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I’ve been known to polish off a bag of chips that are well past the expiration date. And also, I view high dining as anything related to the words “Dollar Menu.” So disregard my first sentence.

But I am a man with a few preferences. As in, most of the time I think that things done my way are the best way. And so do you, most of the time. But some of the time, our preferences are wrong. (Insert Scooby Doo-style flashback music here)

Preferences aren’t right or wrong, they just are. As long as you’re not violating scripture or common courtesy, you can shape a service or a congregation just about any way you’d like. And it’s natural that the longer a pastor is at a church, the more that church will look similar to his personal bent. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but the question is: do your preferences represent the majority?

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