Published: 4 years ago

Thursday Three For All

The Virtue of Unread Books. (via @storywarren) I struggle with this one: do I buy more books when there are still some I haven’t read yet? Scott James makes a valid case.

So my library has a diverse lot of books and, more importantly, an open invitation to the kids: Come; stoke your interest in all kinds of incredible things! Curious about those wall paintings you saw in the pyramids on TV? Let’s look through this book of hieroglyphs and learn how to write our names. Wondering what I’m talking about when I say your runny nose is caused by a virus? Well check out this picture of one of the little menaces right here in my old virology book (and yes, it is freaky that this guy is attacking your nose right now). Not following what we’re talking about in family worship? Look at this, the Bible atlas shows exactly where it happened so you can picture the scene better.


Good Customer Service Etiquette: Saying “It” with Finesse. (via @jeanniecw) Frequently you’re going to have to tell your guests “no.” How do you express something negative with a positive flair?

If you truly know your customers, and truly understand what you’re saying, you can turn it into something special. It can be a memorable way to connect with customers, even when what you’re saying isn’t easy. These small moments, what we call microinteractions, can make or break your customer’s experience. Have you thought about how you handle yours?


Top Reasons for Choosing a Print Book Over an E-Book. (via @ebookfriendly) And speaking of books, what’s your pleasure? Print or digital?


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  1. Lauren says:

    I prefer print books for reference & non-fiction, and e-books for fiction

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