Published: 4 years ago

What’s Normal For You…

…isn’t normal for everybody.

You have your favorite parking spot. Your favorite seat in the auditorium. Your favorite door to walk in, your favorite greeter who smiles at you and says hello, even your favorite secret restroom that’s off the beaten path.

And it’s normal because you’ve been here before. Maybe a few times, maybe lots of times, maybe most of your life.

Normal is great, but it’s…well, it’s not normal. Because this weekend, somebody will show up at your church for the very first time. They don’t have “their” door or “their” seat. All those things – in some weird way – belong to you. It’s your normal. Not theirs.

The genesis and genius of a great guest services team is to make “normal” accessible for as many as possible. Sure, it’ll feel abnormal for you, but a great host brings a touch of normal into everything they do.


(photo credit: Brett Seay)

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