Published: 3 years ago

One Question Wednesday

Today I’ll sit down for the first time with my newly-hired administrative assistant. My former assistant Kristy is in the throes of full-time mommyhood (mommydom? mommyland?), and so a new chapter in the Summit’s Connections team begins today.

Yesterday I contacted three of my former team members, including Kristy. I want our newest staffer’s transition to be as smooth as possible, so I asked them to answer the following question:

Imagine that it’s your first day on the job at the Summit. If you knew then what you know now, what would you need to know about working with me?

Over the course of the evening, their responses rolled in. Some were predictable. Some were a bit surprising. Some were encouraging. Some…well, not discouraging, but honest.

And helpful.

Sometimes it takes a teammate to call out your strengths and weaknesses. Like a good personality test, in-the-trenches friends can tell you how and why you respond to certain situations in certain ways. They know your quirks better than anybody. They know what panics you and what energizes you. They know how you perform under pressure and what brings out your crazy. And they can also help their successors be more successful.

So how about it? If your coworkers were sitting down with you for the first time, what would they need to know about working with you?


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