Published: 3 years ago

Last Call for Confab

Not too long ago I announced plans for the fall version of the Connections Confab, a series of gatherings in August-November of this year designed to help you take your guest services / assimilation / covenant membership / leadership development / volunteer culture ministry farther down the road.

Confab is open to leaders in connections ministry, guest service ministry, assimilation ministry, and just about any ministry. Our last group had executive pastors, lead pastors, childrens’ pastors, and communications directors. I’m excited about round two, and I think the conversations are going to be fantastic.

That’s why I want to make sure there’s still room for you. While the application deadline is set for tomorrow, I would love to talk to you about your involvement. If you’re worried about the timing or the benefit or the cost or the payoff, don’t sweat it…let’s talk. Please email me directly and tell me what you’re thinking.

Because of the prep factor involved for your team and mine, we can’t keep this on the table forever. If you’re remotely interested, let’s talk.

Start the conversation.

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