Published: 3 years ago

What’s Stopping You?

It’s Monday. Which means – if you’re anything like me – you’re rolling into the office with a pocket full of Post-It notes, a half a dozen thoughts scribbled onto the back of your business card, or a few entries in your Evernote app.

Maybe you spent the weekend observing issues in the service. It could be that you noticed a few things that weren’t working on one of your teams. And now you’re faced with a pile of paper and a mountain of decisions: what do you tackle first? Where do you start? How do you start to systematically break down the barriers in order to get better results?

There are any number of barriers you might be facing. It could be committee approval or senior pastor support or not enough padding in the budget. But many times, I have discovered that the only thing that is stopping me is me. I’m the barrier because I don’t know the first step to take, or I’m not willing to clear my calendar of the mundane to get to the important, or I just don’t see the urgency of the situation that I should.

So lay out the Post-Its and lay out a plan. There may indeed by obstacles in your path, just make sure that one of them isn’t you.


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