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Summer Reading List: 2016

You’ve probably already started your beach reads for the summer. But if there’s still room in that super cool canvas tote bag, I’d like to suggest some of my favorites from the past year:


First Impressions / Hospitality:

  • Culture of Yes: Practices and Principles of Great Hospitality (Micah Solomon). Micah draws from organizations both large and small, giving tons of great examples of how “yes” transforms the way we serve people. UPDATE: after this post first went live, a reader alerted me that Culture of Yes is no longer available. I contacted the author, and the exchange that followed can only be described as “Wow!” moment. Micah practices what he teaches. He has a new book coming out in October 2016 titled The Heart of Hospitality, which will incorporate much of the content from Culture of Yes. Meanwhile, I’d suggest you order an alternative title, Your Customer is the Star. (I just did, and will be adding that to my own summer reading list.)
  • The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience (Joseph Michelli) I’ve long recommended Michelli’s The Starbucks Experience, and finally got around to reading his research on The Ritz Carlton. Every bit as impressive as I expected.
  • The Thank You Economy (Gary Vaynerchuk) The rise of social media means that companies have to be on their game more than ever. Even though I was late to the party reading this (the book is five years old), Vaynerchuk laid out some principles that are still holding steady.


Spiritual Growth / Spiritual Disciplines:


Personal Growth:


History / Biography:

  • Our Storm (Jeremy and Tiffany Pollard) Back in 2007, my friends Jeremy, Tiffany, and their son Stephen were involved in a wreck that almost took their lives. They’ve finally put pen to paper in order to reflect on God’s grace and miraculous provision in the moments and months that followed.
  • Walt Disney: An American Original (Bob Thomas) You just knew there’d be a Disney book in here somewhere. Thomas’ account of the master showman’s life is not short: it clocks in at nearly 400 pages. But for a biography, it’s a page-turner. Get it.




Looking for more book ideas? You can see my full recommended reading list here, and HelpScout just put out a helpful list of guest services books earlier this week.


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