Published: 2 years ago

An Offer You Can’t Refuse (But Seriously…)

We are just a few days shy of the registration deadline for our One-Day Workshop on Volunteer Culture. Regardless of the area you oversee (Kids ministry? Yep. Worship? Uh-huh. Community outreach? Okee-dokee.), regardless of the area where you’re currently laboring as a volunteer (Guest services? Alrighty then. Production? Sure thing.), we’re rolling out the red carpet and pulling out all the stops to help you build your ministry and the people who serve in your ministry.

Maybe you haven’t signed up quite yet because of…whatever reason. So today, it’s time to sweeten the pot. You may know that we are also hosting Centered and Sent on October 18-19, a conference featuring Tim Keller, Ed Stetzer, Bryan Loritts, Joby Martin, and our own J.D. Greear. The conference will tackle how our churches can be both culturally relevant and radically distinct. The conference is $189 per person for two days of incredible content and intentional conversations.

But here’s the offer you can’t refuse: if you sign up for the Workshop ($99) by Monday, September 26, you can add in a Centered and Sent registration for only $99. That’s a 52% savings on the Conference. Think BODFGOTK52O: buy one Danny Franks, get one Tim Keller 52% off.

Okay. So maybe don’t think that. Bad marketing ploy. It’s like saying “buy this sad weasel and get a discounted Ferrari.” I apologize.

RSVP for the Workshop here. When you get your confirmation email, watch for the super-secret discount code. (And yep, if you’ve already signed up for the Workshop, the deal is open to you as well. Email me and I’ll get you started.)

Have more questions about the Workshop? Curious if it’ll be a good investment of your team’s time? Let’s talk.

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