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Every so often we dip our toes into a series called Danny Recommends:, posts that tip you off to the stuff that I…you know. The recommendations might be products for use in your ministry, resources that will help you develop leaders around you, or just fun stuff that you need. Want. Whatever. I have a full list of recommended books and such over at the Reading List, but these posts will go into further detail. For other posts in the series, check out the link at the bottom.


Scheduling apps seem to be the latest rage these days: rather than playing the back-and-forth of when you can and can’t host a meeting, the right tool can save you time and headaches.

I’ve used for over a year now, and it’s my favorite option of anything I’ve toyed around with so far. It sends your contact three potential meeting times, and whenever they select one, it updates both your calendar and theirs. It’s simply genius.

However, it’s not without it’s drawbacks. Here’s what I like about, and what I’d like to see them change:


What I like about

  • It works seamlessly with Gmail. Just add the extension and you’re good to go. When you’re ready to schedule a meeting, start composing an email and click the logo on the bottom right side of your screen. That’s it.
  • It remembers your availability. Want to push the same meeting times to several people? Check a box and it’ll send the same choices to your next recipient.
  • It’s smart. So…what happens if you offer three meeting times and one of them fills before your respondent gets back to you? No worries. It’ll remove that option from the list.
  • It gives my recipients some freedom. Don’t like Tuesday meetings? No problem. Can’t meet before 8 AM? Gotcha covered. I usually offer up a random assortment of meeting times, meaning there’s a little something out there for everyone.


What I wish would change:

  • Multiple meeting attendees. Right now, it’s just you and one buddy. There’s no option for meetings made up of three or more people. I feel like that’s squashing my sociability.
  • Back-t0-back meeting times. Let’s say I offer someone the option of a Tuesday 2:00 meeting spot or a Tuesday 2:30 meeting spot. combines both of those into one mega-meeting. Not fun.
  • More than three options. Yeah, yeah. I know I’m super-needy. But sometimes I want to play out more than three options for people.


What do you use to schedule meetings? Comment below.


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Disclaimer: FTC watchdogs will probably want to know that the companies listed / linked above did not ask for this endorsement, nor did they provide me with free swag in order to do so. I’m just a really satisfied customer who wants to let you know where you can get some great products. So there.



  1. Adam Hoffman says:

    I’m using hr free version of calendly and have found it incredibly useful. This one integrates and updates … Instead of randomly suggesting three times, they have full access to the availability on my calendar. They select their best date and time. I add something to my calendar, it takes away those options. Then it allows a few questions for context and directions. Love the easy custom link. Boom.

    Danny, want to catch up on life/ministry? Sign up for a time on my calendar:

    • Danny says:

      Ah yes, but you know me and my control issues, Hoffmeister. I don’t want any program feeling like it can pick a time on my calendar, even if it’s “available.” I got Netflix to watch. 🙂

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