What Happens After You Say “Goodbye”?

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Adams says:

    Danny – another great post mining the riches of “The Power of Moments.” As fellow Disney enthusiasts (read “nerds”), we both realize the powerful memories created by the fireworks at Disney parks – designed to send Guests home remembering the great times, but also thinking ahead to returning.
    Unfortunately, many churches don’t utilize the power of “fireworks” nor have any concept of what they could do to deliver them.

  2. Greg Curtis says:

    As a musician, I used to train performers to know that the most important part of their performance was: the ending. It’s the part people remember the most. The 2nd is the beginning. But if you make a mistake in the early part or middle of your performance, stick the dismount at the end and everybody cheers. If you have a flawless performance but chuck the ending, everybody groans and that’s what they will remember. So I always had them rehearse the endings to their performances as that leaves the lasting impression. This post was so important on this issue. I shared it with my Sherpas Forum and my volunteers at Eastside. Thanks Danny!

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