Q&A: Should We Have a Volunteer Huddle?

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  1. Robin Allen says:

    HI Danny, when we launched our Grovetown campus, we had pre game huddles. That particular building is a smaller venue so it was easy to group them. We also did a mid week email with upcoming events so they would be in the know. The cool thing about the huddle is that guests who arrived early, would see our group of vols with matching t-shirts gathered in a closing prayer. People want community and seeing our volunteer community promoted that something good is going on in this place! Speaking of early guests, we would designate a leader to man the door so everyone was greeted. We couldn’t have launched with excellence without you Danny! Thanks Robin & Sean

    • Danny says:

      Robin, the “designated leader” at the door is huge. I can get behind that kind of pre-service huddle as long as guests aren’t being neglected while we wrap up the meeting!

  2. Steve says:

    Our pre-service huddle for our first service on Sundays has been a hit. But pre-service huddle before second service has been a struggle. Its lightly attended and people roll in late. Not sure what to do with it. Any thoughts on this? I would like to scrap it in 2019 but I don’t know if our team will go for it.

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