Q&A: How Can I Remember Names?

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  1. Chris Standridge says:

    We have a greeter in our church who helps to seat people in the auditorium. He is religious about getting names and something memorable about them. Then he puts them in the “Notes” app of his iPhone. He and his wife go over them throughout the week and especially before the next Sunday’s services.

  2. Ryan says:

    When I connect with them and they share their name, I repeat it to them, which not only helps me begin locking into memory, but also helps clarify if I misheard them (i.e. two weeks ago I thought his name was Floyd. I said his name back to him and he said it was Lloyd).

    I also try to use their names several times during the conversation or when we part ways.

    Then I do the same thing as Chris. After a conversation, I have a small notebook I keep in my back pocket. As soon as I have a moment, I write down tidbits of info on that guest/family: names, jobs, hobbies, things they shared, etc. I then review the list at least once before the following Sunday. If/when I see them next, I’m able to greet them by name, plus at times ask them about they shared.

    If I remember, I send out a email to our pastoral staff with info on the guests I connected with that Sunday. They like to get additional on guests they welcomed on their way into the sanctuary (The pastor who is preaching that week still greets everyone at the sanctuary entrance), plus they like to be kept in the loop on our guests.

    All these things don’t always help, but I’m usually pretty good at being able to remember guests names when they return. Several guests who are now members have said that one of the main things that struck them when they first started attending is that people remembered there names. Sometimes the little things are big things!!

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