Danny Recommends: Uni-Ball Vision Elite Pens

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  1. Jon says:

    I had no idea we were such kindred spirits on pens. I do like the uni-ball Vision Elite. Being a lefty the fast drying ink is a definite plus. Maybe I will have to share some of my secret stash with you one day. Maybe just so I can buy more pens.

    • Danny says:

      LIES. 🙂

      See Jamie, that violates my “clicky pen” rule and causes pocket ink blotting, which gets me in trouble with my wife.

      I’m stickin’ with uniball.

    • Jon says:


      Zebra’s are good, but I have issues with the smoothness of writing with them. I do have a Zebra Gel pen which is marginally better.

  2. Jon says:

    My new favorite is the Zebra Sarasa Grand which violates clicky pens but man it’s a good writing pen.

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