Published: 5 months ago

Flashback Friday: Star Wars and Second-Time Guests

Every Friday I dig into the archives and dust off an old post. And since today is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you. Shut up. It’s funny.), I figured there was no better place to land this space cruiser than this post from early 2016:


One of our guest service plumblines is the first visit should set up the second visitWe believe that for all of the importance of visit number one, the real win is that a guest returns in the future. The reason is simple: people don’t always respond to the gospel on their first hearing. Bringing them back for a second time or more allows you to build a relationship, to continue a conversation, and to help them take another step.

Our pastor says often that we’ll count it a win if someone says, “I don’t agree with anything those people believe, but I can’t argue with how they made me feel.”

But I had a new take on the second visit idea last week from – of all places – Star Wars. Yes. That Star Wars. Billion dollar earning Star Wars. Greatest-Star-Wars-of-all-time-Star-Wars. Jar Jar-free Star Wars.

(Potential spoilers and a definite nerd alert ahead. You’ve been warned.)


Read the entire original post here.

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