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8 Tips for Better Signage

I recently read Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer. It’s a book by a salesman and for sales people, but – like all books of this stripe – there are things the church can learn and take away.

One notable section was in regards to signage. How is the signage around your facility? Gitomer offers eight tips for creating signs that actually mean something:

  • Inspect every sign in your place of business.
  • Take off all the “no” and “don’t” messages.
  • Reword offensive signs. Change them to positive requests with “please” and “thank you.”
  • Reword the “harsh rules.” Try, “we would appreciate,” or “to help serve you better” as lead-in lines.
  • Have a welcome sign and mat at your front door.
  • Make very sign in your business a positive action sign – signs that say “Yes.” Signs that make people smile or feel good about reading them.
  • You could go wild at the front door and have a sign that says “We’re glad to see you.”
  • Try to use signage that state rules in positive terms. Here’s an example: “Welcome to Joanne’s Diner. We appreciate your cooperation with the dress code as required by the health department. For your protection and the protection of other customers like you, it’s important that you wear shoes and shirts. Thank you.”

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