Another One Launched

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  1. Renee Russell says:

    Congratulations to your family! Very happy for each one if you.

  2. Congratulations, Danny!

  3. Beverly Bonner says:

    i would venmo you but we had a girl to get married in 2004…still don’t have any money–LOL. This is the time of your life, soak it up! Grandkids are next.

  4. Yo’ sis says:

    It was beautiful and I love your story. We’re so excited to add Carleigh to the Franks family!❤️

  5. Robyn Eason says:

    You’re right. Jase should be 2 years old. We love your family and celebrate all the new additions, those already added and those to come. Hug my Merriem for me. Oh, and soon she is going to tell you that she needs you to be home one evening, with nothing pressing on your agenda, so she and I can meet for dinner. You have been informed my friend.

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