Published: 11 years ago

And So It Begins

Typing this sentence is a bit like ripping off a Band-Aid.  As I launch this first blog entry out into cyberspace, I am both admitting defeat and embracing victory.  Defeat…because I swore that blogging was just a fad (like parachute pants) and justified why I would never be a part of it (blogging, not parachute pants, which I looked good in, thanks).  Victory…because dang it, I’m really excited about this.  Some people exercise their creative outlet with music, others with poetry, still others by painting pictures of dogs playing poker.  Me?  I’m a writer at heart.  I’ve written lots of things.  Grocery lists, love notes to my wife, love notes on my wife’s grocery lists…I’m pretty accomplished, actually.  Maybe you’ve seen my work on aisle 12 at Food Lion.  Right there, under the endcap with the on-sale cereal.  That’s it.

Editor’s note: does anyone see what this has to do with a Band Aid?  Just checking.

However, there comes a time when you have to give in to the masses.  For the last several months I’ve had hundreds…dozens…four people who have begged me to start a blog.  “You need to get a life!” they’ve said.  But deep in their heart, what they meant to say was, “The free world needs to know what is happening in the recesses of your mind, and you should immediately begin putting your thoughts out there for all to read, because one day we’ll need them for the court deposition.”

One of the rules of blogging is that you should know your topic.  But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.  This blog will be part church, part personal, but almost all fun.  There will be limits.  You should not care what I had for breakfast, nor should I tell you.  That’s just personal and wrong.  Your freedom of information ends where my whole grain waffle with butter and low-calorie syrup, side of wheat toast and Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper begins.  (mmm…butter)

If you like my church, you’ll probably like this blog.  If you like my family, you’ll probably like this blog.  If you like neither, you need to go to a far country, because there is no love in you.

One more rule of blogging is that every once in a while you should end with a cliff hanger.  (“Be sure and tune in tomorrow where I call on the government to shut down West Virginia!”)  So here’s the cliff hanger: next post, you get to find out why I refuse to blog.  Try not to lose sleep until then, friends.

  1. photorobin says:

    Nothing encouraging or congratulatory, just wanted to be first to reply 🙂

  2. waddey says:

    I am okay with not knowing what is going on inside you head but since you are bound and determined to tell us anyway. . .I guess I’ll tune in.

  3. joedavy3 says:

    I knew you would get a blog!!!!!

    and for good reason. Man you’re my hero!!!

    And please be a good blogger, PLEASE!!!!!!

  4. sixcloars says:

    Danny Franks,

    It has been way too long my friend!! How are you and the family? We are doing well and settling down in Texas. We have been in San Antonio for almost a year. We love it here except the heat. My email is and our blog is Stay in touch.

  5. rrick says:

    Ummm…get back to work.

  6. Welcome to the self-important world of public journaling. Do NOT be surprised if you do become addicted to “stats.” If they make or break your day, you’re in too far. The positive is that it is a highly impersonal way to “talk” to people you don’t normally get to talk to. It’s the cyber connection. Happy blogging Danny.
    Josh Phillips

  7. Danny says:

    Josh, any chance you can come back and be my Blog Intern? It pays twice what your old internship did! (zero x two equals… )

  8. soundsliketomatoes says:

    Yay! You’ve come over to the blog side! And that Josh fellow is on to something-you will check your stats about 50 times a day, hoping for another hit, another comment. They need a 12 step program for this.

  9. You’re already in too far. You’re having comment conversations. Fun, and by far the most inefficient way of communicating. Let me get through the new church year (ie finance committee budget planning) and see how it goes. By that time a volunteer blogging intern may sound pretty appealing. Don’t forget, I did get a “small stipend” to cover gas. I would expect a cost of living raise to at least a “moderate stipend.”

  10. Lee Beck says:


    Soooooo glad to see you start blogging. Actually, you’ve been blogging since July but I just found out about it, thanks to an email signature line.

    I love your humor and love you, your family, and your church (see, I did read all the way to the end of your first blog).

    I’m going to savor your blog and read the entries when I need uplifting. I always leave your presence (in this case, just your words) smiling.

  11. Danny says:

    Thanks Lee! I’ll do my best to keep things feeling funny around here.

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