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  1. Michelle Gibson says:

    Great job Danny! I appreciate your posts, your insights and your passion for guests and volunteers. I’ve learned alot from you and am thankful you’ll still be writing! Always praying for your success and blessings! Keep at it. Thanks for encouraging us!

  2. William Calhoun says:

    What an impressive feat! Congrats Danny. I’ve attempted to blog twice, and both times I blogged…once. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts and am so thankful at how the Lord has used you to bless and encourage pastors not just at The Summit Church, but across the world.

    PS- I feel extremely let down that you offered no photographic evidence of your model worthy days in parachute pants.

  3. Kelsey Wakefield says:

    Congratulations! I’d like to see one more posts on puppet ministry.

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