Specialist or Generalist?

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  1. West says:

    We are currently are structured as Specialists. I’d love to know how those deploying Generalists manage scheduling for their teams. We currently use a combination of Church Teams database software and an excel file/google doc depending on what team (greeters, ushers, safety team, etc) leader is overseeing that team. We’re interested in moving toward a more generalist direction to give volunteers new inspiration & refresh our vision that First Impressions is ONE team, but we’re struggling to find a way forward with scheduling that is not a nightmare to manage week to week. Thoughts?

    • Danny says:

      Out of all of the vol scheduling software I’ve heard of, Planning Center Online gets the highest reviews from end users. Since we apply “attend one, serve one,” we don’t use a schedule, so I’m not much help here.

      Hopefully someone else can weigh in on this!

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