Broken People

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3 Responses

  1. B the Builder says:

    Well spoken, wordsmith man.
    But I find myself in the cushy american life, not purposefully but yet true, I find myself so frequently trying to do it on my own.
    Great reminder to keep Him out in front, always in the game and not just reserved for the crucial inning or when a homer is needed.

  2. kupernikus says:

    Safety defines what was worst of my ways. Being a selfish person, I would and did act impulsively without thinking, only to assuage my fears and make myself feel better, and it always was only temporary. So I understand your analogy reference our views of Jesus, and I can reasonably state that I view Jesus as my savior.

    Nothing material means anything to me anymore, I have discovered that my family is the single most important thing to me and will be evermore, and I have put my trust and faith in Jesus to protect me from my old ways and to continually guide me along the right path, not the easiest… I pray for His transformation every day….

  1. June 22, 2017

    […] sometimes quite the opposite is true. When you minister to broken people, sometimes you get cut by the shards of their life. That happens occasionally with our First […]

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