Published: 10 years ago

We Have a Winner

Dang, people.  You know how to work a great cliffhanger.

Ever since Friday morning, we’ve been sitting at 499 in the Who Will Be 500? giveaway.  Finally, at 4:17 PM Monday afternoon, #500 reared her head.  And the winner is…

[drum roll, please]

…a relative.

Yep, sister-in-law and über-funny blogger Kearsie Murphy cranked us to half-a-thousand comments and becomes the proud owner of Mark Waltz’s book Lasting Impressions.  I predict that it will take Merriem’s brother / Kearsie’s husband Lance exactly .021 seconds to snatch it out of her hands, so Kearsie, I owe you a Dub’s Burger next time we’re home.

And before any of you cry “foul” that a relative won the book, you need to know that I already tried to throw the contest by hinting heavily to Jon Lunn on Sunday morning that we were very very very VERY close to a winner nudge nudge wink wink.  So see?  I didn’t cheat the way you thought I cheated.  Nanny nanny boo boo.

Stay tuned for news on another giveaway, coming up Thursday!  (And don’t worry, I’ll limit Kearsie to one win every 30 days.)

  1. aarontant says:

    That stinks. Congrats Kearsie. Jon, I was rooting for you! Had I read your blog, Danny, earlier in the day, I could’ve been that lucky person… but, gee, having to work does slow that process down a bit.

  2. soundsliketomatoes says:

    I’d like to thank the Academy.

    I’d like to thank my computer.

    I’d also like to thank Mrs. Jones, my typing teacher in high school.

    Finally, thank you Danny, may there be no boogers or spit hidden in my book.

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