Published: 4 years ago

My Ultimate Connections Reading & Resource List


Connections Ministry is a weird beast. Poor Connections Pastors are even weirder. There aren’t as many of us as…say…student pastors, which are consistently available in multi-packs at your local seminary or Bible college (return policies may vary).

And because we’re fewer in number, we tend to reinvent a lot of wheels. We try to figure out totally new processes, strategies and systems that somebody, somewhere has long since nailed.

I’d like to see that change. I’d like to help you work smarter if not necessarily harder. One of the goals of this blog from its inception is to be a resource where you can pick up a few good ideas (and laugh at the many bad ones). And, there are other, smarter, better voices out there who also do what I do, and those are some friends that I want to point you to often.

But rarely a week goes by that I don’t get a handful of requests asking “Where did you get…” or “What book do you suggest for…” And because of that, I thought it might be helpful if I took all of those answers and put them in one easy-to-access resource.

So starting today, you can bookmark (or just click here) for a frequently-updated list of who and what I’m reading and who we used for whatever item you can imagine.

It’s a fluid list, so feel free to make a suggestion and I can make the change. I hope this serves you well. Get started!


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