Published: 4 years ago

Step. By Step. By Step.

I love it when a plan comes together.

I love hearing from guests who talk about their experience in terms of ease: easy to find my way. Easy to get information. Easy to know what’s next.

I especially love hearing from those who know how it should be, and affirm that our volunteers nailed it.

Exhibit A: a couple of weekends ago, one of our former First Impressions volunteers came by for a visit. Jacqueline was a part of our First Time Guest team back in the day. She moved to South Carolina last year, but took advantage of a free weekend and spent some time at the Summit. Here’s what she said after the visit:

I do want to give a shout out to your parking team!! I gave a confused look when they directed me away from the new parking lot and down Presidential when I got there for the 10AM service. The next parking guy was SO friendly and chipper and stopped me to ask “first time here?” (which was surreal, but understandable). I saw them radio ahead and each guy after him gave extra attention to me and when I got out of the car the last one welcomed me back. It was incredible. I’ve visited a lot of churches this year, but The Summit is definitely Varsity when it comes to First Impressions. 

I’m grateful for Jacqueline’s assessment of the team and her recap of the experience. “I saw them radio ahead and each guy after him gave extra attention to me…” That takes a team with intentionality. It takes a volunteer who thinks ahead. It takes a group of volunteers that want to think through the process, step by step, turn by turn, moment by moment to make sure our guests know what lies ahead.

What are the steps you’re crafting for this weekend?


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